About us

About Us


AFRIS was created to institutionalize an operational framework for innovation and youth employment at large scale. 

The operational framework was successfully used to boost productivity in 21 of 77 districts in Benin reaching out to over 50000 producers. It was developed by AficaRice in interaction with research, extension, educational and farmers national organizations and with support from BMZ in the framework of the Green Innovation Centre Projects (ProCIVA). The national partners are the founding members.


AFRIS is a nonprofit profit and none governmental organization (NGO) based in Benin. It is a network that facilitates innovation, equitable economic development and sustainable resource management in a large number of districts and municipalities. Core values are independence, transparency, accountability and objectivity. 


AFRIS positions itself between research and development (R&D) and aims to facilitate interinstitutional collaboration to better serve the actors of the various value chains and to amplify the impact of the technical and financial partners on the development objectives.

The team

Donatien Vieyra President / Président

E donatien.vieyra@afris.org

Richard Pliya Directeur Executif / Directeur exécutif

E richard.pliya@afris.org

Natacha Agbo Knowledge Management / Gestion des Connaissances

E natacha.agbo@afris.org

Sylvestre Denahin Finance & Administration / Finance et Adminitration

E sylvestre.denahin@afris.org

Frejus Gnanvossou Management of Services / Gestion des services

E frejus.gnanvossou@afris.org

Bastatou Lai da Gloria Secretariat / Secrétariat

E basta.dagloria@afris.org

Jonas Hinvi Project and Partnerships / Projet et Partenariats

E jonas.hinvi@afris.org